The 2nd Annual Healthy Kids & Teens, Fight for Life Against Childhood Obesity PLAY K is coming!

Activities include 8th Annual 5K Race, 1 Mile Family Walk, and More!

Join us SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 at Shelby Farms Park, 9:00am to 12:00pm. ALL proceeds benefit the CAMPGETFIT FOUNDATION!


A community event highlighting forms of play for the entire family. Yes we will have our 5K, but that is not all! Our event will include, but not limited to Zumba, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Tag Teams, and more!


Tennessee is number two in obesity among the states. The Memphis and Shelby County region continues to suffer problems associated with a high rate of obesity. The Mid-South has an unusually high rate of citizens with diabetes, heart, and vascular disease, and many inactive overweight children. Cultural and Social determinants, including a high rate of poverty, contribute to problem of obesity in the Mid-South. Shelby County (population 923,074) has an overall rate of 21.7 percent, and for female headed household, 41.8%.


Playing is fun! There are many resources available for active play. We want to inspire our community to promote and support play for kids and adults of all ages. This play initiative will increase awareness of and exposure to forms of play and nutritional programs that are available in Memphis and Shelby County. Weight reduction is a by-product of healthy behaviors.


Provide a variety of fun family activities that focuses on physical activity. Demonstrate highly participatory, mutually beneficial, collaboration via “collective impact” of community, parents, youth, and seniors.


Healthy Kids & Teens, Inc. (HKT) and the Camp Get Fit Foundation (CGF), was founded in 2006 for the purpose of fighting obesity. Our mission is to educate, motivate, and assist America's youth and families in living healthier lives. HKT/CGF has served over 20,000 youth providing health, fitness, and nutrition training in after school programs, student assembly trainings, in-class room trainings, and summer day camp programs. Our focus has been in areas impacted by a disproportionate burden of illness especially those attributed to the social determinants of health. HKT/CGF programs are designed to improve health, fitness, and the quality of life offering the required fitness, health, and nutrition content.

The sponsor funds from the Play K will support the event and benefit the CampGetFit Foundation which is a nonprofit organization. Funds will be used to support local youth for Camp Get Fit 2017, summer day camp.